Energiesparkampagne Maßnahmen

  1. Reduce room temperature

    • Turn down heating radiators at the workplaces to level 2-3
    • Turn down heating radiator to 1.5 or turn it off during home office, before holidays and weekends
    • Keep radiators clear
    • Adapt clothing to the season

  2. Change ventilation behavoir

    • Ventilate for 3-4 minutes instead of continuous ventilation
    • Avoid longer window ventilation e.g. continuously tilted windows at low outside temperatures (< 15°C)
    • Keep outside doors and doors to low heated areas closed
    • Use revolving doors, if available

  3. Use cold water instead of hot Water

  4. Turn off lights and only use light when and where necessary

  5. Do not use additional appliances such as radiant heaters, refrigerators, printers in offices

  6. Defrost freezer compartments in social rooms

  7. Use stairs instead of elevators

  8. Operate equipment in an energy-saving manner

    • Switch off instead of stand-by mode
    • Disconnect devices and equipment that are not needed for a longer period of time 
    • Pay attention to energy efficiency when replacing old equipment
    • Regularly maintain appliances (e.g. defrost incubators, freezers, etc.)
    • Run dishwasher only when full and in eco mode

  9. Optimize PC operation

    • Switch monitors and PCs to stand-by mode during breaks in work.
    • Aim for highest energy efficiency class when purchasing new equipment

  10. Make laboratories energy efficient

    • Use stand-by mode where and when possible
    • Switch off or throttle down digesters and spot extractors when not in use
    • Use volume of lab washers and autoclaves as efficiently as possible
    • Use refrigerators and freezers efficiently: "declutter" regularly, pool refrigerated items, shut down when not needed, adjust required refrigeration temperature (- 80°C)

Please feel free to write to us at esk(at)boku.ac.at about anything you notice in your work environment at BOKU that you cannot change yourself.