21. BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung, April 20, 2023 - Presence Event

General topic: Feeding strategies in times of limited resources

Specifications for a species-appropriate and requirements-covering supply of farm animals with energy and nutrients are essential for the development of feeding strategies. These strategies are usually used at critical stages of animal husbandry. For example, when weaning piglets, in the transit phase of dairy cows, or before slaughter, strategies to influence food of animal origin are developed and applied in practice.

In recent years, interest in a more efficient use of resources has intensified. This is accompanied by considerations for the development of production systems with a focus on animal welfare and their environment. Increasing digitalization is intended to support resource-saving feeding strategies.

Such considerations are particularly important when considering nutrient cycles in a farm or region. However, the quantities of raw materials used to feed livestock can only be partially covered by domestic production. In addition to a lot of imported raw materials, which are exposed to fluctuating markets, by-products of the food and feed industry are increasingly coming into focus to feed livestock. Lack of knowledge about the nutritive value and possible added benefits of by-products and novel feeds as well as supply fluctuations are often a technical and practical challenge.

The BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung 2023 deals with Feeding strategies in times of limited resources.

The symposium is intended to document various aspects of the subject in numerous contributions and to inform about the current state of scientific knowledge. In addition, there are opportunities to present current research work in animal nutrition – in the context of selected short presentations and posters – which go beyond the scope of the general topic.

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