Emergency numbers from BOKU office phones ("Festnetz")

Dear colleagues!


The following emergency numbers can be called directly (without dialing "0" for leaving the BOKU phone internal line)

112 European Emergency Phone Number
122 Fire Department
133  Police
144  Rescue Service
141  Doctor Emergency call
128 Gas Emergency call

at those areas:

  • Türkenschanze
  • Muthgasse 1,2 and 3
  • Silbergasse
  • Tulln-UFT and IFA

(it would work with also work with dialing the "0")


But at the areas:

  • Muthgasse 107
  • Versuchswirtschaft Großenzersdorf
  • Forst. Versuchsgarten Knödelhütte
  • Lehrforstzentrum Heuberg

you have to dial "0" before dialing the emergency number!