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Ombudsperson for Safety Issues @ BOKU (SVP) advise workers on health and safety issues and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Area of ​​responsibility

The SVP have to inform, advise and support the employee and employee organs in all questions of safety and health protection. They have to work together with the staff organs, the safety specialists and the occupational physicians. You must also pay attention to the use of protective devices and the application of protective measures.


The employer or the safety specialist and the works council must be informed immediately of any defects.
Another important task is to encourage workers to participate in employee protection issues. SVP should always be a role model and motivate colleagues to comply with employee protection regulations.

Right to participate

The rights of participation for the SVP are also regulated in the Workers Protection Act. Accordingly, they are entitled to request the necessary measures from employers and the authorities responsible for all matters of safety and health protection, to make suggestions for improving working conditions and to demand the elimination of defects.


Chairperson: Astrid Hobel

The chairperson is responsible for the cooperation of the security representatives and for the disclosure of information and represents the security representatives towards employers and the authorities. (SVP-VO § 8.2)

last update: June 05th, 2023