Master's thesis written and defended at BOKU

To complete the Master programme, you have to have passed all required courses and received a positive grade in the Master's thesis and defence examination.

  • Before submitting the graduation documents you will need to submit the list of your courses for this Master Programme to undergo a pre-check at the Study services.
  • Afterwards you will receive an e-mail on the next steps you have to take (e.g. a list of documents to be submitted for registrating to the Master examination, or accreditation/recognition of exams from other universities etc.)

NOTE: As the pre-check of the list of your courses can take some weeks, make sure to submit your documents early enough.

NOTE: After submitting the documents for the Master examination and graduation, there is a legal time-frame of about 3 weeks until your master examination can take place.

Graduation Process

Find all legally binding information on your graduation on the study services website.

Here below supportive information is listed.

You have to register your Master's thesis as soon as the task and the supervisors have been fixed. According to the law the Master's thesis has to be registered before you start working on it.

Please have your Transcript of Records from the home university checked a semester in advance, first at BOKU-International Relations administrative coordinator (BOKU-IR) and then at the Study services (Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, 1180 Wien).
Before you have your documents checked, you have to enter all courses done at the partner university(not BOKU) in your BOKUonline account (one data sheet per course) (info-guide accreditation/recognition)

After fulfilling the requirements of your curriculum you have to submit the required documents for graduating at the Study services (Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33, 1180 Wien) at least 3 weeks before your defence.

The Master's thesis defence at BOKU is a presentation and defense of your Master's thesis.
The student coordinates a date for the defence with two university teachers (professors /"habilitated") - one of them being the main thesis supervisor. The chair for the defence will be appointed by the Study services and has to be a member of a different department than the thesis supervisor. Students have the possibility to suggest a chair. The co-supervisor from the home university can take part in the defense via video-conference or can be physically present; the BOKU administrative coordinator can help you with organising the video conference.
The defence (45 minutes) consists of a presentation (20 minutes) and a scientific discussion. Further details can be found in the guidelines.


Required documents  for your graduation:

  • Application form for the Master's thesis defense (model curriculum) = form “Anmeldung zur Master Defensio (Mustercurriculum)” (please download it here 3. Application for a defensio)
  • Admission Letter or BOKU Bachelor Certificate
  • Grading of the Master's thesis (has to be filled by the supervisor)
  • Grading of the Master's thesis-Defensio (has to be filled by supervisor)  
  • Confirmation of your Co-Supervisor
  • Abstract: Data-input and Print-Out Confirmation (if Master's thesis written at BOKU) 
  • 1 printed Master's thesis in Hardcover (if Master's thesis written at BOKU)
  • Copy of the first page of your Master's thesis
  • Clearance of your library account (info-guide)
  • Transcript of Records from all other attended universities during your Master Programme
  • Accreditation/Recognition of all attended courses at a partner university during the Master programme (Info-Guide)
  • UStat questionnaire (Info-Guide UStat - Info-Guide Substitute Code)