Students have to study at CZU for 1 or 2 semesters:

  • You have to take 30 ECTS of CZU Master's courses
  • Additionally you will get 10 ECTS for the co-supervision of your thesis

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Requirements according to the BOKU curriculum

In the three main components Fundamentals of natural resources, Specialisations in thematic fields and Thesis-related subjects students have to complete modular units (courses) amounting to a total of 30 ECTS.

In the main component Fundamentals of natural resources students can elect courses amounting up to 25 ECTS from the following subjects:

  • Compulsory Subjects (see CZU curriculum - 1st year, 2nd year)
  • Compulsory Optional Subjects – Group A: Fundamentals of Natural Resources (see CZU curriculum - List of compulsory optional subjects I)

In the main component Specialisations in thematic fields up to 30 ECTS can be elected from subjects of the following thematic fields (see CZU curriculum - List of compulsory optional subjects II):

  • Agro-municipal Resource Management (0-12 ECTS)
  • Ecological Engineering and Risk Management (0-12 ECTS)
  • Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Management (0-12 ECTS)
  • Global Resources and Sustainability Management (0-12 ECTS)
  • Human Dimension and Socio-economic Aspects of Sustainable Development (0-12 ECTS)

A maximum of 6 ECTS free elective subjects may be chosen within the main component Thesis-related subjects and research skills according to the topic of the master’s thesis. The subjects may be selected from any course offered by CZU and needs to be confirmed by the NARMEE programme coordination at CZU and BOKU before including them into the individual course plan.

While no compulsory courses are required at CZU, in order to meet CZU' requirements for the joint degree, the ELECTED courses from CZU and BOKU together should cover the sub- jects of the following corridors:

  • Soil Properties and Conservation: Soil and Chemical Relationship, Soil Conservation and Protections
  • Water Resources and Management: Soil and Water Relationship, Water Resources Management
  • Atmosphere, Biosphere and Environment: Advanced Meteorology, Soil and Plant Relationship, Agricultural Ecology, Environmental Contamination and Remediation.

    (to be specified in consent with the programme coordination at CZU).

Therefore, it is important to check your course choice with the programme coordination at CZU.
You have to make a first draft of your Narmee Individual Course Plan before your exchange which has to be approved by the Narmee Administrative Coordinator at BOKU.
Please send this Individual Course Plan also to the administrative NARMEE coordinator at CZU to ask for CZU' approval.

Please be aware that students starting the NARMEE programme at BOKU do not have to take the Czech state exam to be awarded the joint degree!