The exchange to CZU is organised via two different exchange programmes. Please follow the application procedure of ONE of the following programmes:

1. Erasmus

  • Deadline: Mid of January (for the following academic year)
  • NARMEE restplaces: Mid May (for the following summer semester)'
    (please always check the exact deadlines on the website)


  • Deadlines: Mid of June for the winter semester, October for the summer semester (please always check the exact deadlines on the website)

Application Procedure

First: at BOKU

First you have to decide, if you want to apply for the Erasmus or Ceepus exchange programme.

-> Please check the general ERASMUS application procedure resp. the general CEEPUS application procedure

Additional documents needed (at the end of the semester before you leave to CZU - June 30 resp. January 30):

  • Narmee “Individual Course Plan”, signed by you and the administrative programme coordinator.
  • a confirmation of a BOKU professor that he/she is willing to supervise your Master's thesis (including topic, e-mail is sufficient).

Contact Erasmus

Contact Ceepus

ad CEEPUS: Please apply for the following network: CZ-0311-15-2223. Landscape management - Sustainable land use perspectives in the Central European Region as only this network is coordinated by the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources.


Second: at CZU

If your Erasmus or Ceepus application at BOKU is accepted, the Erasmus resp. Ceepus coordinator will officially nominate you for an Erasmus or Ceepus exchange to CZU.

Please be aware that you have to register at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources at CZU!



Nomination  at latest by May 15 for winter semester resp. October 15 for summer semester

Once the nominations are processed at CZU, CZU will send out the login and a password to the CZU information system so that you can fill out your profile at the CZU website.

Further information and accommodation booking:
Information for Incoming Exchange Students

Contact for further questions: mobility(at)

Visa Information for the Czech Republic

EU-citizens do not need a visa, whereas non European citizens need a visa for Czech Republic. 

From April 30, 2023, Non-EU cititzens who have a long-term/permanent resident title in a Schengen area state have to apply for a Czech visa at the Visa Centre of the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Dresden.

Please find further information at: