​Deadlines for application NARMEE exchange to LU

Exchange in Semester 2, 2023 (Jul-Oct):

April 8, 2024 23:59 GMT+2 (tba)

Exchange in Semester 1, 2024 (Feb-Jun):

October 14, 2024 23:59 GMT+2 (tba)

Please note that you need to specify your courses and the topic and supervisor of your thesis about 6-8 weeks before the application deadline - see information on the thesis and information on the Individual Course Plan.

A NARMEE Student's Guide for an exchange to New Zealand

Check out our step-by-step guide to help you with your application for the NARMEE semester exchange to Lincoln University: A NARMEE Student's Guide for an exchange to New Zealand

Application process

BOKU offers free study places at LU and/or a BOKU Narmee Scholarship. You have to apply for the study place and the scholarship in a single step procedure!

  • Free Study Places:
    BOKU has a quota of 10 students per academic year who can study at LU for free. Those who cannot be awarded a free place can study at LU as self-paying Narmee students if nominated by BOKU-International Relations (tuition fee approx. NZ$ 5,500 per semester at LU).
    The Study Abroad Advisory Board (Auslandsbeirat) of BOKU will make the final decision about those students who can study at LU within the quota and thus will not have to pay tuition fee. Please be aware that ALL students - no matter if they get a free study place or not - additionally have to pay the Student Services Fee of NZ$545 and  NZ$297 per semester for compulsory insurance.

  • Narmee Scholarship:
    BOKU also offers a Narmee scholarship of € 1,750 for 10 students per year.
    The decision about the award of scholarship will also be done by BOKU’s Study Abroad Advisory Board.

You will be contacted via E-mail after the deadline whether we received your complete documents.

You will be contacted via E-mail with the decision of the Study Abroad Advisory Board (Auslandsbeirat) within three weeks after the deadline.


As a minimum requirement for the exchange with LU, students have to have done 20 ECTS of Narmee courses at BOKU. The grade point average has to be below 2,3 (not only for scholarship and free study place but to be nominated by BOKU in general).

For further information contact BOKU-International Relations or come to the consulting hours: see section "Contact" at the bottom of this page!

Application Documents: 1. Online Application Form. 2. Open an account and confirm. Use your BOKU Email adress. 3. Upload documents as follows. (You can change your application until you confirm that you want to submit your application. That means you can have a look and continue with your application after a new login and days later. Please note the deadline!)

All documents must be submitted in English unless otherwise stated. Please note that the application form will be online and accessible about 6 weeks before application deadline.

  • Financial Plan (Online)

  • Estimated travel costs (Screenshot airline website)

  • 2 Recommendation Letter of habilitated BOKU professors (O.Prof., Ao.Prof., Univ.Prof., Priv.Doz.). The professors must not be from the same institute. Language: German or English. Upload to Mobility Online.

  • Transcript of Records BSc and MSc (BOKUonline: transcripts/weighted by ECTS credits /Valid Document: Create valid document. Transcript must include: digital signature of BOKU and "grade average, weighted by ECTS credits")

  • BSc Diploma (including backside)

  • CV and Motivation Letter

  • Individual Course Plan signed by the administrative and the academic coordinator

Additionally needed documents (please send them to: jointstudy(at)boku.ac.at):

  • a confirmation of a BOKU professor that she/he is willing to supervise your master thesis (including working title, e-mail sufficient)

  • a confirmation E-mail of your co-supervisor from Lincoln University or if not yet available your Email to your programme coordinator at BOKU asking for a co-supervisor at Lincoln University. See information: Master Thesis

  • Copy of Passport (only the page with the photograph)

  • Electronic signature

After nomination by BOKU’s “Study Abroad Advisory Board”:

  • Upload the filled and signed declaration of acceptance (Annahmeerklärung). Please state your account details clearly - not handwritten!

  • Complete LU online application

  • The grant does not include insurance. Please check with your insurance company before you start your journey to determine whether you are entitled to insurance in the destination country. At LU a fee for compulsory insurance must be paid by students.

    Information on the ÖH Haftpflicht insurance can be found online: www.oeh.ac.at/service/oeh-versicherung Please check whether your destination country is included. For some countries an extra application must be made. For explanation in English see also: https://short.boku.ac.at/int-in-life-insurance-en.html

  • Apply for your visa in time

Visa Information for New Zealand

As soon as you get the “Offer of Study” from Lincoln University you can apply for a student visa at the embassy of New Zealand in London, UK (the NZ embassy in Vienna does not deal with visa at all). The visa process is your own responsibility.


After the stay

It is recommended to ask for a confirmation of stay prior to your departure from the host university in order to have proof for your stay abroad (for example for later application processes or the like). There is no form for such a confirmation of stay but it should include the letterhead of the host university, the date of your stay (from-to), reason of stay (exchange semester, research,...) and signature and stamp of the host university.

To complete your Joint Study exchange to LU please login to Mobility online and upload your transcript of records (=confirmation of stay) and your final report: Template Report.

After these steps you will receive an Email with the information that your stay is completed now.

If you don't get your transcript at LU your transcripts will be send to BOKU-IR. As soon as the transcripts arrive you will receive an Email so you can pick it up from our secretary.

Recognition of Courses at BOKU: with your ICP and the original transcript from LU for graduation at the end of your studies. If you need the recognition earlier contact Study Services office.


For Joint Study application and exchange to LU:
Lisa Maria Schmidtberger

BOKU-International Relations
BOKU - University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Peter Jordan - Str. 82A, 1190 Wien, Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43-1-47654-32015
FAX:  +43-1-47654-32009

For the ICP:

Administrative Narmee Co-ordinator:
Mag. Ulrike Piringer, narmee(at)boku.ac.at

Consulting hours: https://boku.ac.at/personen/person/B87FC1CB7635739B