General information

In an increasingly heterogeneous work and research environment, intercultural skills are vital. BOKU students who have gained experience in intercultural activities (e.g. studies or internship abroad, working as a buddy, etc.) can apply for the Intercultural Skills Award at BOKU-International Relations. This award enables BOKU students the opportunity to improve their CV and be at an advantage for future job applications.

Areas of competence & criteria


Area of competence 1
International experience related to the study programme

Students expand their professional competence in a foreign language and a new cultural environment and are able to experience their field of study from a different perspective.

This includes the participation in one of the following BOKU mobility programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Joint Study, KUWI, etc.):

  • Study abroad (at least 2 months)
  • Research stay abroad (at least 2 months full-time)
  • Internship abroad (at least 2 months full-time)


  • Confirmation of stay and experience report


Area of competence 2
Foreign languages

Students improve their communication skills needed in an international work or research environment.

These include:

  • BOKU language course (at least 1 semester or intensive course)
  • Tandem language course (at least 1 semester)
  • Language course at a partner university as part of a BOKU mobility programme (at least 1 semester or intensive course)
  • Transcript of records or

  • Tandem certificate

Area of competence 3
Courses on intercultural competence

Students address intercultural topics on a theoretical level and acquire strategies for successful interaction in an international context.

This includes (at least 2 ECTS):

  • BOKU lecture 120999
    Intercultural competence - Changing perspectives in a diverse (working) environment
  • BOKU lecture 735336
    Intercultural communication
  • BOKU lecture 120303
    Summer/winter school: Intercultural training for the Danube region and regional aspects in agriculture and food production
  • BOKU lecture 120998
    Security training for studying and field research abroad - raising awareness for critical and emergency situations
  • Other relevant BOKU courses
  • Intercultural courses of partner universities (exchange via BOKU mobility programme as part of a BOKU study programme)
  • Additional qualification: BOKU eLearning courses on 'Intercultural Competences' and 'Unconscious Bias'
  • Course certificate/ transcript of records (for non-BOKU courses additional short course description required)

Area of competence 4
Intercultural involvement

Students put their intercultural skills into practice, thereby expanding their international network and contributing to the internationalization of BOKU.

These include:

  • Participation in the BOKU buddy programme (at least 1 semester) & activity as "Ambassador - BOKU goes international" (participation in a BOKU-IR event incl. a presentation (e.g. experience report about the stay abroad) & at least 3 social media postings about the experiences abroad)
  • Engagement in an international student organization (AIESEC, IAAS, IAESTE, ESN, ELSA, ÖH Department for International Affairs, ÖH- Department for Foreign Students or similar for at least 1 semester)
  • Confirmation of BOKU-IR about the Ambassador activities & Buddy confirmation or
  • Official confirmation of commitment from the respective student organization

Required proof

To receive this award, students must prove knowledge and/or experience in the following 4 fields of competence (see also table fields of competence & criteria):

  • International experience related to the study programme
  • Foreign languages
  • Courses on intercultural competence
  • Intercultural involvement

At least one criterion must be fulfilled per field of competence.

Please send all evidence collected in one PDF by e-mail or hand in copies directly to the office. BOKU-International Relations will check the fulfillment of the criteria and issue the award certificate. Applications are continuously possible.


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