Find out more about the broad variety of worldwide scholarship programmes offered by BOKU-International Relations!

The International Days take place from 9-10 May 2023 and provide an overview of BOKU-International Relations' scholarship options.

In addition to sessions on various international scholarship options for Bachelor, Master, PhD students and on international Master programs at BOKU with integrated study abroad semesters, there will also be:

  • Experience reports from BOKU students who have already been abroad
  • Meet&Greet at the International Café and intercultural activities with international exchange students from all over the world
  • Presentation of Erasmus+ Teaching mobilities „Adventures in the Caucasus and Beyond by Dr. Tamara Mitrofanenko
  • Presentation of cooperation partners: ESN - Erasmus Student Network, IAESTE, IAAS, AIESEC
  • BOKU-International Relations staff members will be available for your questions!


Schwackhöfer Haus - Aula und SR06 (Wed 10 May)

Online via Zoom (Tue 9 May) --> ZOOM link

Detailed programme

Tue, 9 May 2023, 10am - 3pm

Online: ZOOM Link 

You can expect info sessions on scholarship programs for outgoing and incoming students (in Europe & outside Europe). Click on the zoom link of the respective info session and asky your questions in the Zoom chat.


Scholarship overview (in English)

including information on

  • Green Travel
  • Intercultural Skills Award
  • Language Courses at BOKU
10:30-11:00 EPICUR - European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions (in English)

International master programmes at BOKU & programmes of ELLS - Euroleague for Life Sciences (scientific student conference, summer schools...) (in English)


  • International Master programmes with scholarship opportunities: 
    • Horticultural Sciences
    • Limnology and Wetland Management
    • Biomassetechnologie/Stoffliche und energetische Nutzung nachwachsender Rohstoffe
    • Weinbau, Önologie und Weinwirtschaft
    • Transatlantic Forestry
  • ELLS International Master programmes with scholarship opportunities:
    • Environmental Science, Soil, Water & Biodiversity
    • European Master in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems
    • Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering
    • Safety in the Food Chain
  • EMJM Erasmus Mundus Programmes with full scholarship opportunities:
    • European Master in Animal Breeding
    • International Master in Soils and Global Change
    • Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding
    • Danube AgriFood Master
    • European Forestry
  • Programmes of ELLS - Euroleague for Life Sciences (scientific student conference, summer schools...)
  • Q&A

Mobility funding options for Doctoral students at BOKU (in English)


International students at BOKU: study exchange at BOKU (in English)

Target group:

  • Erasmus Incomings
  • Joint Study Incomings
  • CEEPUS Incomings
  • ...

Presentation for download



Wed, 10 May 2023, 12am - 5pm

Location: SCH-SR06 und SCH-Aula (Schwackhöferhaus, ground floor)

You can expect online information sessions on scholarship programs for outgoing students, intercultural activities with international students at the International Café and a presentation of the Erasmus+ teaching mobility through the Caucasus Region.



International Café (in English)

Intercultural activities with international students, coffee for free & snacks



Scholarship overview (in German)

including information on

  • Green Travel
  • Intercultural Skills Award
  • Language Courses at BOKU



Erasmus+ (in German)

  • Erasmus+ study semester abroad
  • Erasmus+ traineeship abroad
  • Erasmus+ short-term mobilities
  • Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs)

Presentation of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) und information on "How to find a traineeship placement?"



CEEPUS - Study in South-Eastern/Eastern Europe (in German)



Joint Study - for study stays outside Europe, incl UK (in German)



KUWI - Short-term scientific work worldwide for MA, Diss or Habil (in German)

Marshall Plan-Scholarships (USA) (in German)



Presentation of the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility "Adventures in the Caucasus and Beyond" (in English)

Experiences from teaching mobilities in Armenia and Georgia in 2018-2019 will be presented by Dr. Tamara Mitrofanenko

BOKU-IR photo exhibition

The BOKU-IR photo exhibition inspires you to spread your wings and gain international experience with exciting impressions of stays abroad by BOKU students! 

  • 24 April - 3 May 2023 at Aula Muthgasse
  • 3 May - 17 May 2023 at Schwackhöferhaus/Türkenschanze

The exhibition takes place as part of the International Days, where detailed information about studying and working abroad is provided.

The International Days @ BOKU have been assessed as an ÖkoEvent PLUS of the City of Vienna and they are held in the most resource-saving, socially acceptable and low environmental impact way possible. We recommend climate-friendly travel and point out the avoidance of food waste.