Complaints & Appeal

Appeal process for complaints about the formal handling of the Erasmus stay.

Program participants can contact their Erasmus+ Incoming Coordinator up to 4 weeks after the end of the Erasmus stay if they believe that Erasmus documents (e.g. grant agreement, mobility agreement, etc.) have not been prepared correctly or any other formal processing errors (e.g. scholarship payment) have occurred.

In this case, the student must send an e-mail with detailed reasons to erasmus.mundus2(at) The Erasmus+ Incoming Coordinators will deal with this appeal as soon as possible or forward it to the relevant authorities.

Appeal process for complaints that are beyond the control of BOKU-International Relations

  • Admission and study organization

For complaints regarding admission and study organization, please contact studienservices(at)

  • Courses, exams, grades and certificates

For complaints regarding courses, exams, grades and certificates please contact studienservices(at) or the respective course professor.

  • Credits of BOKU courses at the home university

For complaints regarding the credits of BOKU courses, please contact your Erasmus+ coordinators or other responsible offices at your home university.

The responsible Erasmus+ coordinators can be informed in case of complaints (e.g. cc), but are not responsible for the handling.