Living in Vienna can be fairly expensive, so you should expect to pay between € 300,- and € 670,- for your accommodation.

Student halls of residence are an easy option when moving to a new city; they’re also a great way to quickly make friends and new contacts.
The easiest way to book a room in a student hall of residence is to use the OeAD service (Österreichischer Austauschdienst - Austrian Exchange Office) – but you can also contact the dormitories directly (more complicated, but probably cheaper) or look for private accommodation.

Usually we recommend to apply in April or May for next winter semester. But due to the current COVID-19 situation we do not recommend early booking! Please check the cancellation policies of each provider.

Please be aware that we here at BOKU cannot help you directly with finding accommodation.

For further information on different types of accommodation, please use the links below:

Student Residences

Flat Share and Youth Hostels

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Discussion group: Accommodation Exchange BOKU

ESN and STUWO housing offer

ESN Austria hat partnered with STUWO to offer Erasmus Students an exclusive offer when booking their room at STUWO. This means you get a € 90,- discount and can register without paying any fees. You can register here!

Here you can also find the information letter with all necessary information. For further questions please contact STUWO directly as described on the info letter.

Note: This offer is organized by ESN BOKU/Austria and STUWO housing. BOKU is not involved in its administration and is not responsible for the contents.