Recording and providing lectures for review, repetition and asynchronous learning by students complements the face-to-face sessions.


Here you can find everything on the topic of lecture recording at BOKU

Stationary lecture recording

In some lecture halls there are permanently installed and largely automated recording systems so that you can have your lecture(s) recorded without much fuss. Register as early as possible so that you may be booked into the available rooms and we will take care of the rest.

Available lecture halls

  Guttenberghaus   Muthgasse
  • GUTH - HS 01
  • MUG1 - HS 01
  • MUG2 - HS 02
  Wilhelm Exner Haus   Türkenwirt
  • EXNH - HS 01
  • EXNH - HS 02
  • EXNH - HS 03
  • EXNH - HS 04
  • EXNH - HS 05
  • TÜWI - HS TÜWI01

How does it work?

If you as a teacher want to record your lectures, please inform us as early as possible about the course(s) and dates. You will then be contacted by us.

The recording itself starts and ends automatically (as a buffer approx. 5-10 min. before/after the event) and can be checked using a monitor on site.

The video will be edited by us (if necessary, the beginning/pauses/end will be removed) and we will put the recording online "hidden" in the respective BOKUlearn course. Lecturers can therefore check the recording before it is published and make it visible (edit -> "show") for students. The recording will only then be available (exclusively) for students who are registered for this course.

Tips & FAQ

  • All lecture halls with recording facilities are equipped with a desk pc from which presentations should be made to ensure the best recording conditions.
  • All lecture halls with recording facilities have a touch screen (connected to the desk pc) that allows you to write/draw directly on the slides (on the beamer). This allows better visibility for students (than the blackboard) on site and is included in the recording.
  • In general, slide animations and videos, in short everything that is shown on the beamer, are also recorded.
  • If you want to stay in the picture, use the preview on the recording monitor as a guide when recording.
  • The closer you stay to the on-site recording microphone, the better the audio quality. Alternatively, the use of a radio microphone (available on site) is recommended.

Mobile lecture recording

The necessary technical equipment can be borrowed from the service unit Teaching and Learning Services, Department of E-learning and Didactics. A total of three units consisting of a notebook with pre-installed software, external webcam and external microphone are available. If you are interested, please contact the support (see below).

Lecture recording at the BOKU

The lecture recordings until winter term 2012/13 can be accessed here:

Access to lecture recordings

Since the summer semester 2013 you can find the recordings in the BOKUlearn course of the respective course (see also list of current recordings).

The course recordings up to and including WS 2012/13 can be found in the archive.

Other records & equipment requirements

The resources of the Department of E-Learning are designed for recording regular lectures. Please contact the BOKU-IT Multimedia Services (BOKU-IT MM) for

  • the recording of other events (guest lectures, conferences, panel discussions, ...)
  • the rental of multimedia equipment (audio recorder, HD camera, reflex camera, boxes, ...)



Do you have any questions? Please contact the e-learning support.