916113 Interdisciplinary project UBRM

Project course
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Schafellner, Christa , Mattenberger, Harald , Pressl, Alexander , Oburger, Eva , Pachinger, Baerbel , Gruber, Wolfgang , Obersteiner, Gudrun , Duboc, Olivier , Falkenberg, Christof , Fritz, Ines , Pfaffenbichler, Paul Christian , Stampfer, Karl , Eitzinger, Josef , Strobl, Theresa , Arzberger, Lea Vanessa , Hinterstoisser, Barbara
Offered in
Wintersemester 2021/22
Languages of instruction
Deutsch, Englisch


The interdisciplinary project UBRM is a course of student group work, which is carried out problem-related. The focus lies within the environmental and bioresource management program. The joint treatment of a topic from a natural sciences, social sciences and economic perspective provides a comprehensive picture of the problem area.
A new feature is the implementation of project management (PM) in the course with 5 lecture units at the end of October, where the students get to know the most important tools of PM. The content of PM is tailored to the focus of the topics offered, a group meeting with the PM lecturer in the first half of the PJ is mandatory.

The course begins with a kick-off event where the supervisors introduce the respective topics.
The following processing (literature research, interviews, data collection etc.) and writing as well as a poster presentation is done by the group in independent work under guidance of the supervisor.
We offer 10 topics for 10 students each. The groups divided into 2 subgroups with their own focus, the subgroup size is 5 students.
The topic is chosen after the introduction lecture.

For the positive completion of the course, students receive 9 ECTS, which corresponds to a workload of 225 hours.

Course coordination: PD Dr. Christa Schafellner, IFFF, Schwackhöferhaus room 01/122, Peter-Jordan-Straße 82; email: christa.schafellner@boku.ac.at, phone: 01-47654-91619
Please give your name, matriculation number and telephone number for inquiries!

IMPORTANT: The interdisciplinary project is offered in both the winter and summer semester.
Students who do not get a place in the winter course despite the 5th semester can register for 2021S from 1 Nov 2020.

Supervisors and topics:
- Christa Schafellner (Forest entomology): Coordinator
- N.N. (Forest technology): project management
- Ines Fritz (Environmental biotechnology):
- Wolfgang Gruber (Environmental history):
- Lukas Hartwig / Maria Juschten (Traffic planning):
- Barbara Hinterstoisser (Material science):
- Harald Mattenberger (SERI):
- Gudrun Obersteiner (Waste management):
- Bärbel Pachinger (Nature conservation research):
- Alexander Pressl (Urban water engineering):
- Eva Oburger / Markus Puschenreiter / Olivier Duboc (Soil sciences):
- N.N. (Marketing and innovation):

Attention: Presence is mandatory for the introductory event (registration for the topics), for all lecture units project management, for at least one appointment for the intermediate presentations and for the final poster presentation!
Absence is only tolerated in the event of illness with medical confirmation.

Previous knowledge expected

Introduction to scientific working

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

Planning, organization and implementation of a scientific study within the focus of environmental and bioresource management.
The students are able to
- work with qualitative and quantitative data
- argue based on the interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data
- write a report according to scientific criteria, correct citation
- create a poster
- present in front of an auditorium
- defend methods and results in discussions
- develop efficient time management
- work and organize within a team
- reflect on workflow and team work (challenges, own strengths and weaknesses)
- apply management tools and create a management plan (work breakdown structure, environmental analysis, milestones)
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.