852314 Landscape design project

Project course
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Frohmann, Erwin , Prager, Ina , Böhm, Florian
Offered in
Wintersemester 2021/22
Languages of instruction


In this project-based course, students will develop a landscape architectural design for a specific type of open space (park, square, courtyard, residential open space, educational outdoor space…). The design process will incorporate the following steps: definition of the problem, spatial inventory and analysis, followed by the idea, concept, pre-design, and design stages.

It is highly recommended to register for one of the following courses:
-852.313: Entwurf und Bepflanzung
-852.309: CAD in der Landschaftsarchitektur

TOPICS 2020/21:

The project area of the Frohmann group is located in Vienna this winter semester (20/21). The open spaces of the senior citizens' house "Haus Türkenschanze" in the entrance and entrance area of the building with the transition to the public open spaces of the city of Vienna (Türkenschanzplatz) are being worked on. As well as the garden rooms of the house (direction Scherffenberggasse).
After the analysis phase and the discussions with the residents and the administration of "Haus Türkenschanze", the design proposals for the selected open spaces will be further elaborated via an interim presentation (feedback from internal and external experts) for a final project presentation at the end of January.
In the course of a 3-day room analysis on site (12.-14.10.2020) the stock-taking and analysis of the existing situation and brainstorming will be carried out. The project and individual discussions of the design drafts will take place at BOKU (see schedule and dates). The project takes place in cooperation with the "Haus Türkenschanze" and the "Magistrat Wien".

group WÜCK (mainly Tuesday 9-14).
The project area GRUPPE WÜCK is located in St. Johann/Tyrol.
The market town of St. Johann/Tyrol has developed a master plan in which a green belt is to run from the adjacent mountain slopes via the railway station to the Großache. The green belt also passes the district hospital, which was extended by a nursing school and an administration building.
The task of the semester project is to develop design proposals for the hospital area, taking into account a new foot and cycle path connection. The design proposals were developed in close cooperation with the hospital administration, the local marketing department and the municipality.
In the course of a 3-day spatial and functional analysis on site (11-13.10.2021), the inventory and analysis and brainstorming will be carried out. After an interim critique among selected experts at the beginning of December, the contributions will be presented to the local public at the end of the project.
The project and individual discussions of the design drafts will take place at BOKU (see schedule and dates of meetings).
Costs for travel and accommodation will be refunded by the municipality, or there will be an allowance for printing and model building costs.
The project takes place in cooperation with and with the support of Dorferneuerung Tirol and the municipality of St. Johann/Tyrol.
Erasmus students with design interests welcome

Previous knowledge expected

Recommended to have the following courses successfully completed: 852.102, 852.103. 852.104, 852.105, 852.106, 852.107, 852.113, 852.311, 852.112 and 852.300

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

*subject specialization in the field of landscape architecture on the comprehensive implementation of the landscape architectural design , which is executed by way of example and project-related;
*acquired knowledge of graduates include the theoretical discussion of landscape architectural issues and the acts building upon the design process
*Students are able to independently carry out the landscape architectural design in its entire process after completion of the course
*competencies include problem definition , creating the spatial analysis with the consequent written plan and implement the design proposals in the context of landscape architectural design
*draft processes in landscape architecture - to achieve an advanced standard in open space design.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.