Wood is one of the oldest building materials in our society and has excellent mechanical properties with comparatively low density. In the research field "Structural wood building materials", we deal with the properties of existing and new wood materials for use as load-bearing components in building construction in combination with their manufacturing processes. The overriding goal is the resource-efficient utilisation of wood as a raw material and its targeted use. The investigation of a wide variety of starting assortments as well as established and potential wood species of the future form the basis of current research priorities.

Contact: Maximilian Pramreiter and Johannes Konnerth

Research and publications

Panel discussion: HOLZBAU - Innovativ oder am Holzweg (in German)?

Organised by BOKU students, Uni.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johannes Konnerth discussed current innovations and future developments in the field of timber construction with renowned industry representatives and scientists. To be found at:




Lukas Malzl (ongoing): Investigation of alternative wood species and optimized processes for strand-based unidirectional wood panels for mass timber materials.

Tobias Nenning (ongoing): Structural building materials based on hardwood branches.

Master theses

Nikolaus Pilz (ongoing): Evaluierung der Leistungsfähigkeit einer mehrlagigen Holzbauplatte auf OSB-Basis.

Niklas Bugelnig (ongoing): Ressourceneffizienz etablierter Auftrennprozesse von Rundholz.

Stefan Höchtl (2022): Formoptimierte Holzbauträger: Evaluierung eines analytischen Modells auf Basis von Realversuchen.