BOKU Sustainability Award

Category Education for Sustainable Development 

Education for sustainable development is an essential building block on the way to a sustainable future. Universities have a special responsibility here, as they are training centers for those people who will shape the future and who will also be most affected by the consequences of current, unsustainable actions. BOKU is aware of its responsibility in this regard and is working to actively and comprehensively assume this in all its fields of activity.

Therefore, an award for special achievements in education for sustainable development will be offered again. As part of the call for entries in the "Education for Sustainable Development" category, we are looking for good practice examples that show how sustainability skills can be taught and promoted.

What can be submitted? Various activities of BOKU members, such as courses, educational projects, further education or training initiatives, 3rd mission activities, student projects, etc. There must be a connection to BOKU, i.e. BOKU students or employees must play a central role in the activity .

Who can submit? Self-nominations or nominations by BOKU members (students and employees) individually or as a group are possible.

What is there to win? Three of the submitted examples will be selected for the award. 1st place is associated with prize money of 1,000 euros and also receives a trophy and certificate. The other two winners each receive 400 euros and a certificate[1]. In the case of group submissions, the profit must be shared between the submitters. In the case of external nominations, the submitters of the winning projects will receive a goodie bag.

Who selects the winners? The winners are selected by a jury consisting of the Vice Rector for Teaching, Continuing Education and Students, the ÖH BOKU, one representative each from the e-learning and didactics department and the Center for Global Change and Sustainability, as well as a member of the BOKU working group Education for Sustainable Development (WG BNE).

What, how and by when is it submitted? 

The submission must be made according to the specifications of the online form. You can submit your project until September 30, 2023 via bokulearn: BOKU Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2023 - Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung. Please use the option "self-registration" on bokulearn.

Please upload

  • the submission form
  • all relevant documents for your ESD-activity
  • a photo which is related to your activity (incl. photo-credits).

If you do not have an active BOKU account, please ask a team member if they can do the submission for you. If you have any questions, please contact

[1] ] Applies to payment to non-BOKU employees or associations, as well as inter-company payments. Prize payments to persons employed at BOKU result in lower payments as it is considered as a salary bonus, which includes tax payments, etc.