If you would like to begin studying for a bachelor's or master's degree in the winter semester 2011/12, or if you would like to study for a further degree, it is mandatory that you register online in advance at the latest by 31st August.

Those who are interested can find information for registration at http://studienvoranmeldung.boku.ac.at (in German) http://www.boku.ac.at/zid-boo-stud-voranmeldung.html?&L=1 (in English) Beginning with the academic year 2011/2012 all applicants for a place at university, who would like to start a bachelor/master´s degree course for the first time, must pre-register. Potential students can register online at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna from June 15th on, for all courses, without any special admission requirements. The registration deadline ends on August, 31st 2011. Already registered students, who would like to start an additional course, also need to pre-register for it. Please note, before (expected) completion of the bachelor course you also need to pre-register for further studies for a master´s degree. However the admission can only take place, after successful completion within the registration deadline. Pre-registration The pre-registration for the study, can be carried out by using the electronic form of the pre-registration system for University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. For the technical details, see:

Registrations sent by E-Mail or by post, will not be considered! Time Periods The study pre-registration must take place within the following registration time periods, respectively, before the semester, for which pre-registration is desired.

  • For the winter semester: 15 June until 31 August
  • For the summer semester 15 November until 31 January.

The online pre-registration will therefore be available within the above mentioned time periods. Exceptions Exempt from the advanced registration are:

  • Applicants who want to complete studies within the framework of transnational European Union-, state-owned or university level mobility programmes, including common studies (incomings).
  • Non EU-/EWR citizens, for whom according to § 61 (4) UG a special registration deadline applies. For this group of persons the written transmission of all application documents until August 31st ( for the winter semester) or January 31st ( for summer semester) is deemed to be the registration.
  • Applicants who would like to apply for an individual study programme: The written submission of the application for an individual study programme by 31st August (winter semester) or 31st January (summer semester) at the latest, is proof of registration for an individual study programme. The written transmission of the complete application documents by 31st August (winter semester) or 31st January (summer semester) at the latest is considered a registration for the applicant.

Important The pre-registration does not replace the authorisation and acceptance to study!  Pre-registration applies only to studies for the registration period in the next semester! For pre-registration neither the high school diploma / the bachelor degree nor a payment assessment is necessary! It is possible to register in advance at several universities or for several study programmes. For further registration of an already existing study, as before, it is sufficfient to pay the requested tuition or student fee. In this case a pre-registration is not necessary. Basically, in winter semester 2011/12 admission to a bachelor's or master's study is only possible after pre-registration until August 31st. More informationen Here you can read the original by-laws of the BOKU rectorate concerning the pre-registration (in German): http://www.boku.ac.at/fileadmin/_/mitteilungsblatt/MB_2010_11/MB13/Verordnungsentwurf_Voranmeldung-Endversion.pdf If you have questions or if you need help, your are welcome to contact the registration office (studabt@boku.ac.at) or boku4you (boku4you@boku.ac.at) or the students union (ÖH)!