BOKU, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, provides this overview of its internationally recognized bachelor-programs as a service to those who have yet to determine their study choices.

Future-oriented: Wood Technology and Biobased Fiber Materials Contrary to most other resources, wood and natural fibers can be supplied in large quantities in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner. This degree program, however, transcends traditional methods of wood processing. The curriculum aims at conveying essentials about the technology, economics and means of converting these resources into modern, innovative and competitive materials, such as high-tech cellulose fibers, so-called Wood Plastic Composite, as well as new composite materials of superior quality. The economic importance of the Austrian wood industry and increasing demand for innovative and revolutionary timber products provides excellent career prospects for our graduates. Practice-oriented: Forestry Woodlands fulfill a range of essential ecological and human needs. We seek to preserve our wooded areas so that they may continue to meet such needs now and in future generations. Such expert preservation and cultivation of woodlands requires broad general knowledge along with special skills in the fields of technology, ecology, economy and social sciences. Our program conveys this knowledge with a hands-on approach that emphasizes extensive fieldwork. Graduates of this degree program receive international recognition as experts in their field and go on to assume professional roles in the lumber and forest management industries, in national parks and environmental organizations and in civil engineering. Unique: Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing This new and in Austria unique degree program is part of a postgraduate curriculum that follows a general studies program in engineering and economic sciences. The emphasis of this program, as a nationally and internationally relevant economic branch, is quality-oriented, economical and sustainable vine cultivation, grape production and processing, wine technology and wine marketing. Graduates of this program will be able to work as independent entrepreneurs and to assume leading positions within production, processing, trade, education, research and consulting. Environmentally relevant: Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Sciences aim at contributing to the responsible utilization of ecological, economic and social resources in agricultural production, a principal means of subsistence for society. This degree program develops the interdisciplinary and integrative skills required within the agricultural production process. Graduates are recruited in agriculture, industry, commerce, and trade in the private and public sectors. They also get to work in fields outside of agriculture that benefit from a background in natural sciences and economics. Creative: Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture The core of this degree program is landscaping of urban and rural settings, in the context of interactions with humans. The program teaches skills useful in finding creative and elegant solutions to shaping the landscape and thus our habitat in a sustainable manner. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, expanding career prospects to fields as diverse as working in planning offices, in leading positions in gardening and landscaping, in the public sector and NGOs. Constructive: Environmental and Water Engineering This Bachelor’s degree introduces students to scientific disciplines and methods of applied natural sciences and their application to agricultural engineering and water management. The objective is to promote increasingly optimum utilization of natural resources. Coursework includes a strong foundation in the natural sciences along with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable utilization of resources and a networking ideology for responsible planning, design, construction and preservation. Graduates go on to work in the financial sector and also in service areas as engineers, consultants, in the public sector and within developmental aid. Quality oriented: Food Sciences and Biotechnology This degree program is an interdisciplinary combination of biology, chemistry and technology and emphasizes a high degree of technical and scientific expertise. These skills are transferable to a variety of professional options such as technical and commercial management and research and development in the food industry and biotechnology companies. Sustainable: Environmental and Bio-resource Management Skills received from this curriculum find use in the sustainable cultivation and development of renewable resources. This program closely combines economic, ecological, social and cultural disciplines in a practical work setting. Graduates work in the fields of energy and water supply and waste disposal, and also in planning offices, management and the public sector as consultants. Application oriented: Equine Sciences This degree program is offered jointly with the University of Veterinary Medicine. The curriculum meets the needs of the rapidly growing field of equine agriculture. Most instructors work in the industry full-time, teaching as adjunct professors, or conduct research in equine science. Internships concurrent with the degree program support an application-oriented education and facilitate early encounters with potential professional settings within equine agriculture and horse racing. Graduates have a wide range of occupational choices including horse husbandry and breeding, marketing, import/export, and construction of horseback-riding facilities. These accelerated study programs, offered at BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, confer an academic degree (Bachelor’s) after 6 semesters of study to those students who would like to enter a profession much earlier. The University also offers the opportunity to continue at the graduate (Master’s degree) level, awarding the title “DiplomingenieurIn (graduate in civil engineering)”. Further information concerning the University and its degree programs is available online at the following addresses:

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