Prof. Ole Wendroth (USA) will give a guest lecture on April 16 - 20 2012 with the topic "Spatial and Temporal Statistics in Soil Science".

In the time of April 16 – 20 2012, Prof. Ole Wendroth from the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences at the University of Kentucky in Lexington/KY, USA, will offer an international workshop on “Spatial and Temporal Statistics in Soil Science”. Prof. Wendroth is an internationally recognized expert on soil-related statistical data analysis. Together with Dr. Donald R. Nielsen, he is author of the well-known book “Spatial and Temporal Statistics – Sampling Field Soils and their Vegetation”, that has become a standard work for many students and scientists. Dr. Wendroth is an author and co-author of numerous publications in soil physics and field-scale agronomic research. In this one-week course, statistical tools applied to spatial and temporal data sets that were collected in soil physical, soil- and agronomy-related studies will be presented. The following topics will be captured: Autocorrelation, crosscorrelation, semivariogram, kriging, crossvariograms and cokriging, spectral analysis, cospectral analysis and coherency, autoregressive and moving average functions, autoregressive state-space analysis, and physical state-space models. The course is organized by the Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management and is intended for international M.Sc. and Ph.D. students from all fields of soil and agronomic disciplines – however, the course is already fully booked. Link: