Thomas Prohaska was elected president of the „Chemisch Physikalische Gesellschaft - CPG“ (chemical physical society) for the year 2013.

The society was founded in 1869 by H. Hlasiwetz, J. Loschmidt, J. Petzval und J. Stefan in Vienna. Major goal is the dissemination of knowledge in chemistry and physics accomplished by regular lectures of internationally renowned scientists. Moreover, an annual Loschmidt Prize for excellent PhD work in chemistry or physics is awarded. ‘The society shall act increasingly as discussion and knowledge transfer platform especially for young scientists.’ says Prohaska. Therefore, a Young Scientist Forum in Chemistry and Physics is planned in 2013. ‘We invite especially young scientists to become member of the society to invigorate the scientific spirit of the society.’  In addition, the society invites guest-researcher who are visiting Vienna to give a lecture of their respected field at the society. ‘I like to invite all colleagues to encourage their scientific guests to hold a lecture at the society.’ More information about the society or membership at or by mail to thomas.prohaska(at) or christl.langstadlinger(at)