Analysis of the historical wood utilization based on the objects of the Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing.

The museum is located inbetween vast forests, which allows the investigation of the “route of timber” from the forest to the completed wooden building. On the event, scheduled for the 24th of April, the whole process of logging and milling will be shown. From felling with axe and pit saw, hauling with horses to production of squared timber in the water-powered gang saw, by a two-man saw or by hewing with a broad axe. Furthermore, a tour through the museum will show how to determine the date of felling or the way of processing for historical lumbers. Goal of the project is to pursue research, conservation and rediscovery of knowledge about wood utilization. This knowledge about historical, economical and technological procedures will help to look ahead and find sophisticated and sustainable applications for timber. Institut für Holztechnologie und Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
DI Dr. Michael Grabner und Sebastian Nemestothy