Kunal Mahajan, a member of the International Graduate School BioNanoTech (IGS), died on March 25th.

Kunal was a positive, active and industrious person to us in the IGS (International Graduate School BioNanoTech). From the very first day he engaged his coworkers and immersed himself in his new life in Vienna and as a graduate student in the IGS. He was curious, open, positive and unusually hard working. During our too brief interaction what struck me the most was how energetic he was; he had the energy that can transform events. As our interactions almost entirely were professional, what I also appreciated and made Kunal stand out was that what typically should be a quick check in the lab to have a look at some data usually became 1-2 h of discussions that expanded on the original question. With such students you learn as a teacher. On the more human level I also remember how in one outreach activity for the IGS we were going to be photographed for a Viennese magazine in the lab. Kunal enthusiastically embraced the opportunity and organized so that his colleagues and friends also would participate in and enjoy the event. Erik Reimhult