The BOKU internal discussion on the Ethics Charta begins.

What is our standpoint on ethics at the BOKU? This question touches on how we deal with another, how we do research and teaching. The first draft of the BOKU ethics Charta has now been released by the Ethics platform. Ethics is relevant for all of us, for all our topics. All of you as members of the BOKU are invited to participate in the discussions around the Ethics Charta. Please enter your comments and suggestions to the draft at Here you will find a short and also the extended version of the draft including comments – ready for downloading. A summary of the aims and the history of how the Charta was worded out can be obtained here (in German). Please enter your comments and contributions by the end of April 2014. All contributions will be published at . New aspects coming out of the public discussion will be incorporated into the next version. This version will then be presented to the rectorate and senate for final approval. The Ethics platform is looking forward to your comments! Contact: Geschäftsstelle der Ethikplattform
Zentrum für Globalen Wandel und Nachhaltigkeit
Borkowskigasse 4
1190 Wien E-Mail: ethikplattform(at)