BOKU-assisted accreditation of the “Sarjana” program in Forest Products at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.

Recently, at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, the accreditation "site visit" for the Forest Products undergraduate program took place during September 23-27, 2014. In Indonesia an undergraduate program is called "sarjana", a sanskrit word meaning "to be "creative". The entire accreditation process was performed by the international "Society for Wood Science and Technology (SWST)" and the committee was also joined by Prof. Rupert Wimmer from BOKU. The process was started at the beginning of 2014 through the submission of a comprehensive "self-evaluation-report". During the "site visit" intensive discussions took place with the rectorate, administration personnel, faculty members, students, and also representatives from industry. Laboratory and teaching infrastructure have been surveyed with respect to quality, decisiveness, and safety. The committee was particularly impressed by the active commitment of the active students; the student's gender ratio was at 50:50. During the exit meeting a first report was presented to the rectorate. Accreditation status is granted for five years by SWST. Accreditation is helping to improve international reputation and teaching quality. Bogor Agricultural University with over 25.000 students has signed a letter of intent with BOKU in February this year.