On the occasion of the annual ÖGMBT meeting Christoph Hasenhindl, postdoc at the Department of Chemistry and graduate of the doctoral college BioToP, was given a PhD award for doctoral theses with potential for application.

The PhD award 2014 of the Austrian Society for Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) for PhD theses with potential for application, sponsored by the company THP Medical Products, was given to Christoph Hasenhindl. The work for his PhD thesis “Library Design for Functional Engineering of IgG1-Fc by Experimental and Computational Means“ was performed in the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Antibody Engineering at the Department of Chemistry and under the supervision of Prof. Christian Obinger. The thesis describes advances in the design of protein libraries for the use in modular antibody technology in order to further develop this method for the cooperation partner F-star (Cambridge, UK) and thereby enhance the process of generating therapeutic antibody fragments.