Food in cuba – trendy, ecological and a need

A multimedia-based exhibition from students and lecturers of the BOKU at the SOHO Festival in Ottakring from 4. to 18. of June. Theme-night with a fascinating lecture on "urban agriculture and food sovereignty in cuba" on 16. June at 19:00.

The cuban food system is full of contrast. Trendy vegetable gardens next to urban ruins; organic food for high-class-restaurants next to an alarming situation of food supply for poor people, the necessary evil or the chance to work without synthetic inputs in agriculture.

  • urban farming and community gardens in Havana
  • permaculture on unused spaces in cuban cities
  • food sovereignty as aim of Raul Castro
  • organic rum and cigars

Students of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) present their results from several excursions to cuba by the institute for organic farming.

  • photographs: the diversity of food in cuba
  • "congri cubano": a short movie about food from the origen on the field to the plate
  • collection of poster of the urban farm "Vivero Alamar"

The exhibition takes place in the "Alten Kino" (=old Cinema) (Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien) (direct link on Google Maps). The theme-night takes place in the same venue on the 16. June at 19:00.

the presentation "urban agriculture and food sovereignty in cuba" (in german) by Friedrich Leitgeb offers a fascinating image of impressions of the cuban food system, Marta Lopez Cifuentes explains the exhibition, Christian Vogl summarize latest and planed projects of the BOKU in Cuba.

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