EFI Annual Conference 2016

This year the EFI Annual Conference takes place at BOKU in Vienna from 22. to 24. September. Co-organized by the European Forest Institute Central-East European Regional Office (EFICEEC) which is hosted at BOKU.

This event brings together EFI member organisations from across Europe and forms an active hub of interaction in international forest research. Since 2010 the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) hosts one of EFI´s Regional Offices, the European Forest Institute Central-East European Regional Office (EFICEEC). It brings together researchers from the Department of Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo) and the Department of Forest and Soil Sciences (WaBo). EFICEEC serves as a research networking hub for the region and competence center for forestry, forest policy and forest-based innovations that fosters knowledge transfer at the interfaces of science, policy and practice.

The EFI Annual Conference 2016 is jointly organized by EFI, BOKU, EFICEEC and BFW. Join us for an open seminar on "Forest-based innovations: a key for Europe’s bioeconomy" which will be organised on 23 September. The seminar will reflect on how the rapid development of innovation in bioeconomy needs to be taken account in forest research and education in Europe. Among the confirmed speakers is Dr. Barend Verachtert from the DG Research and Innovation, European Commission.

The excursion on 24 September reflects on "Forest management and drinking water in Vienna" and will provide insights to the historic development of the spring protection forests and key challenges forest management needs to address. It will be supported by the City of Vienna Forestry Office (MA 49).

A detailed programme of the Annual Conference is available here.
Registration is open until 8. September.

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