Poster Award for Master Student at the VIRIS Lab

Johanna Irrgeher BSc, currently master student at the Department of Chemistry, Division of Analytical Chemistry, VIRIS Laboratory, was awarded the 3rd place in the poster session of this year’s ‘European Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry’ in Graz (February 15th - 20th 2009).

She presented parts of her master thesis on her poster entitled ‘87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratio Measurements by Laser Ablation-Multiple Collector–Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometry: A Study of Mass Discrimination and Matrix-induced Interferences in Calcium phosphate and carbonate matrices’. The prize included €300 and a bottle of Champaign.
Johanna Irrgeher will continue working on Sr isotope ratio measurements using (MC)-ICP-MS for her PhD at the VIRIS Lab. Visit for further information.