1st International Conference on Landscape Economics

The European Consortium for Landscape Economics (CEEP) is pleased to announce the first International Conference on Landscape Economics, taking place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th July, 2009 at Vienna, Austria

The purpose of this conference is to give an overview on current economic research on landscape and to sketch the profile of landscape economics as a new scientific discipline. The conference draws on the general assumption that economic theory offers a potent analytical framework to examine and explain landscape dynamics, the possibilities to govern landscape development and related economic opportunities in rural and urban areas. The conference of the CEEP provides a special opportunity for exchange with researchers of landscape economics from Europe, Asia and North America. The presented topics includ

  • Current state of landscape in economic analysis
  • Consumer preferences in landscape development
  • The economic value of rural and urban landscapes
  • Infrastructure and landscape aesthetics
  • Landscape as driving force of economic activities
  • Landscape governance, improving agricultural and other policies
  • Landscape and rural development
  • Challenges of sustainable landscape development

For more details see the programme at

The working language of the conference is English. For attending the conference, please fill in please fill in a registration form, which is available at

Please note the reduced registration fees for those registering before May 30 2009. Contact: For further information feel free to contact the coordinator of the CEEP: Walid OUESLATI, Professor at Agrocampus ouest; Tel.: +33 2 41 22 54 91 E-Mail: walid.oueslati(at)agrocampus.ouest.fr or Ms. Eva Krickler: for organisational issues in Vienna. Tel.: +43 1 47654 3670 E-Mail: eva.krickler(at)boku.ac.at Link: http://www.ceep-europe.org/workshop.php?id_workshop=48