Guest lecturer Wolfgang Liebert

Dr. Wolfgang Liebert, IANUS, Technical University of Darmstadt, is guest lecturer at the ISRS of the Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards. His lecture on “Nuclear Risks” begins on October 28th 2009 and that on “Design of Research and Technology in View of their Ambivalence” on October 29th, in the framework of the lecture cycle “Courage to go for Sustainability”.

Both lectures will be held in 6 blocks of 2 hrs each. See also BOKUonline. ( and

Wolfgang Liebert Dr.phil.nat., studied physics and philosophy in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, Germany, 1990 graduation in theoretical physics with a specialisation in the field of  non linear dynamics / deterministic chaos. Presently scientific coordinator and speaker of the Interdisciplinary Group on Natural Sciences, Technology and Security (IANUS) of the Technical University of Darmstadt; Chairperson of the  Forschungsverbundes Naturwissenschaft, Abrüstung und internationale Sicherheit (FONAS), Advisor to the Federation of German Scientists (FGS).
Research focus: Impact assessment of science and technology, nuclear disarmament, philosophy of science.