Intercultural Skills Award

This intercultural award enables BOKU students the opportunity to improve their CV and be at an advantage for future job applications.

In an increasingly heterogeneous work and research environment, intercultural skills are vital. BOKU students who have gained experience in intercultural activities as part of their BOKU studies (e.g. studies or internship abroad, working as a buddy, etc.), can apply for the Intercultural Skills Award at BOKU-International Relations.

You have experience in all four key competences? Then apply now for the Intercultural Skills Award!

  • Area of competence 1 - International experience related to the study programme
    Students have professional competence in a foreign language and a foreign cultural environment.
  • Area of competence 2 - Foreign languages
    Students can proof foreign language skills which are needed in an international work or research environment.
  • Area of competence 3 - Courses on intercultural competence
    Students addressed intercultural topics on a theoretical level and acquired strategies for successful interaction in an international context.
  • Area of competence 4 - Intercultural involvement
    Students put their intercultural skills into practice and contributed to the internationalization of BOKU.

Applications can be submitted to interculturalskillsaward(at) continously!

More information can be found here.