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Collective agreement, guidelines and employment agreements at BOKU, link to laws requiring posting.

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Please also note that for legal purposes, only the German version of the documents are binding and valid. The English translations are for information purposes only.

Here you can find information on the collective agreement, employment agreements and guidelines of BOKU as well as a link to laws requiring posting. In particular these are:

  • Collective Agreement for Employees at Universities
  • Amendment to the Collective Agreement
  • Addition to the Collective Agreement for Provision for Old Age
  • Pay Scheme for General Staff
  • Guidelines accreditation of job specific previous experience
  • Agreements on Granting a Christmas Allowance
  • Guidelines of the Rectorate on the Salary Classification for Private Lecturers (Privatdozent/innen)
  • Strategy Document - Temporary Work Contracts for Projects at BOKU
  • Guidelines for the Contents and Modalities for Qualification Agreement at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  • Employment Agreements Regarding Business Travel
  • Employment Agreements Regarding Old Age, Disability and Surviving Spouse's Pensions
  • Employment Agreements Regarding Procedures for Performance Reviews
  • Employment Agreements Regarding Paternity Leave (immediately after birth)
  • Employment Agreements Regarding Bonuses Assignments
  • Employment Agreements Regarding the Company Complaint Management
  • Employment Agreements on Flexible Working Hours