Current Projects:

SMACKER -Soft Measures & Actions for behavioural Change and Knowledge to Embrace peripheral and Rural areas (SMACKER)

Peripheral and rural areas suffer disparities in mobility domain all around Europe.
SMACKER will address those disparities to fill the gap and to promote public transport and mobility services able to be demand-responsive and to connect to TEN-T corridors and transport nodes. SMACKER will assess main barriers and bias and address them by providing solutions that draw on the best international know-how. Soft measures (campaigns) and actions (pilots) will be used to identify and promote eco-friendly solutions for public transport in rural and peripheral areas to achieve more liveable and sustainable environments, better integration of the population to main corridors and better services feeding main public transport. SMACKER will help local communities to (re)design transport services according to users’ need (co-design) and to nudge people (residents and incoming) to use them, by providing motivating and incentive giving campaigns.
Direct beneficiaries of the measures will be residents, incoming travellers and commuters.
SMACKER will address local communities in partners’ area using a comprehensive approach, by scaling local problems to a broader European level and importing solutions able to find and suggest the most suitable answers for most of the mobility needs. SMACKER will introduce innovations in both soft measures and actions such as for instance nudging, gamification, co-design, branding and information technologies.
Campaigns and pilots will be aligned with local SUMPs requirements and KPIs in order to provide a substantial and measurable contribution to strategical objectives. SMACKER will also have a strong focus on transferring lesson learnt and success stories behind its borders, by involving other similar areas and arranging dedicated events and tools for dissemination.