Attention: Please note that the following shown courses, are only those courses which are approved by the Vice-Rectorate for Education and offered by the respective department/institute for the current academic year.

Compulsory courses

Elective courses

Module 7: Ecohydromorphological monitoring

Module 8: Fish monitoring and assessment

Module 9: Benthic invertebrate monitoring and assessment

Module 10: Aquatic plants

Module 11: Environmental impacts on riverine ecosystems

Module 12: Restoration & conservation of riverine landscapes

Module 13: Planning and management

Module 14: Inter- and transdisciplinarity

Module 15: Fisheries management and aquaculture

Module 16: Ecosystem modelling

Module 17: Hydrology and morphology

Module 18: Limnochemistry in human impacted aquatic systems

Module 19: Ecology and taxonomy of freshwater fish and benthic invertebrates

Module 20: Evolutionary biology and conservation genetcs

Module 21: River-society interactions

Module 22: Professional perspectives