Good scientific practice

Basic requirements for maintaining good scientific practice

(1) All students are fundamentally committed to the observance of good scientific practice. A foundation for this is the "Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI) Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice (GSP)" and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna guidelines for the safeguarding of good scientific practice.

(2) The backing up and storage of underlying data:
1. All raw data on which a written seminar, examination or bachelor´s thesis is based must be kept for at least one year.
2. All raw data on which a master's thesis or dissertation is based must be kept for at least five years.

(3) Statement of compliance with good scientific practice: Students must declare in writing (mandatory and standardized) that they have worked in accordance with good scientific practice for each submission of a seminar paper, bachelor's or master's thesis, or dissertation. This can be done by an affidavit.