Master's thesis

Choosing the thesis topic and supervisor

Students may choose their own thesis topics (e.g. from Abschlussarbeitenbörse) and supervisors. Persons with full teaching authorisation (venia docendi) are entitled to supervise and assess master's theses in the subject of their teaching authorisation. The Dean of Studies may also appoint individuals from other accredited domestic or international universities as thesis supervisors, provided that these individuals possess a teaching credential deemed equivalent to an Austrian habilitation.

Academic staff in research and teaching are entitled to co-supervise Master's theses in the area of their scientific activity. Co-supervisors supervise a specific part of a Master's thesis under the guidance of the supervisor. Co-supervision requires the consent of the supervisor. Up to two co-supervisors can participate in a Master's thesis.

The same topic may also be prepared and researched by several students if their individual input can be assessed. This must be announced when the proposal is submitted to the Study Services for approval.

After consulting with the thesis supervisor and relevant institute head, students will enter the title of the agreed-upon topic, the supervisor and, if applicable, the co-supervisors into the Master's thesis registration form (with the exception of Master's students of degrees with examination before an examination committee who have to specify two examiners and examination subjects. When selecting examination subjects, please refer to the provisions specified in the curricula). The proposal must be submitted to the Study Services for approval.

Master's thesis registration
Application for appointment as external examiner and supervisor

The title of the thesis is provisional and can be changed at any point before the thesis is completed. The supervisor can also be changed until the thesis is submitted. All changes require the approval of the Dean of Studies. For more information, please contact the Study Services.

The Dean of Studies is responsible for determining the composition of the examination board, although students have a say in the choice of examiners and examination date. The thesis supervisor is also responsible for assessing the thesis and is usually part of the committee. If the supervisor is not a member of the BOKU faculty, the second examiner must be a member of the BOKU faculty.

The author of a Master's thesis is entitled to apply for a use restriction on submitted copies of the thesis. For information regarding use restriction, see Restricted access for scientific papers. In the absence of an approved restriction, the Master's thesis is effectively approved for public display in the library of the University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. 


Students and supervisors must observe the provisions of the Austrian Copyright Act, Federal Law Gazette no. 111/1936 while working on a Master's thesis.  


Students must enter the abstracts of their theses – written in both German and English – into the abstract application of the Central Information System ( After the Master's thesis has been registered, the Study Services will create a record, which can be edited using students' access permission. The supervisor is responsible for closing the record.

You are expected to meet high standards of quality with your abstract as it will be displayed on the Internet and will thus form a part of BOKU’s international presentation.