*** Updated on September 22nd 2022 ***

We hope you had a pleasant summer with time for vacation and recreation. At the end of the summer, the BOKU Corona Crisis Staff recently again evaluated the COVID-19 measures at BOKU in conjunction with the overall Corona situation. So far, we have provided for a very cautious course at BOKU with measures that in some cases went beyond the rules that apply outside the university, since universities are exempt from the Austrian federal COVID regulations. In consultation with the BOKU Corona Crisis Staff, we believe it is reasonable to relax the rules further in the current situation. However, we request all of you to protect yourselves and all BOKU members as best as possible by implementing hygiene and safety options (ventilation, spacing, FFP2 masks, etc.) on your own responsibility where deemed necessary. We also appeal to all employees to continue to be tested regularly and, if not already done, to be fully immunized.

For the protection of all students and staff, do not come to the university if you test positive, even if you do not have COVID symptoms. In the event of compulsory attendance at courses or a scheduled attendance test, we ask students to contact the course instructors to find possible solutions. In turn, we ask the instructors to offer appropriate solutions. In this context, we also ask the teachers - as already last year - to make available any course recordings as well as documents of hybrid teaching in BOKUlearn and to continue to use hybrid formats in teaching.

Effective immediately at all BOKU locations:

• Maintenance of the safety and hygiene rules

• Minimum distance 2 meters, wherever feasible

FFP2 masks:

  • Recommended all areas (e.g. labs, workrooms, study and reading areas, library, PC rooms),

  • Recommended at all public, shared places (e.g. corridors, etc.)

  • Recommended at indoor face-to-face (teaching) events, meetings, seminars, etc.

  • Recommended at indoor face-to-face indoor exams

  • Recommended for excursions by car and BOKU bus, except for the driver, if the FFP2 mask would impair traffic safety.

  • Recommended to wear FFP2 masks also at outdoor (teaching) events

G-rule: no proof according to 3G rule is required for general admission and stay at BOKU.

BOKU quarantine: Anyone who has tested positive is urged to report this to corona@boku.ac.at, as this gives us an overview of the situation at BOKU and is important for the deliberations in the BOKU crisis team.

  • With or without symptoms: No presence at BOKU for at least 5 days. Return to BOKU with a CT score of at least 30. Any traffic restrictions issued by the authorities remain unaffected.

The internal rule on quarantine for vaccinated / recovered persons who had contact with positively tested persons remains valid: We strongly recommend not to come to BOKU for 5 days after contact (if a stay at BOKU is indispensable, at least wear FFP2 mask continuously and avoid social contacts). A PCR test should be performed on the 5th day after contact.

For questions around what to do when you come into contact with someone who has tested positive, we also refer you to the flowchart on what to do with COVID19-positive cases at  https://short.boku.ac.at/6rvmo2(after login).

For further information for employees (after BOKU login) on the BOKU homepage: https://short.boku.ac.at/6rvmo2

For questions please contact corona@boku.ac.at.

We have been successful in preventing large clusters at BOKU in the past. Please help us to continue this strategy and be considerate of your colleagues.

Stay healthy!

Rectorate of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna