Senate functions by the UG 2002:

§ 25. (Section 1):

1. Remittals and Proposals of the Constitution by recommendations of the Registrar;
(BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

2. Through the approval of the Reistrar, a draft of the development plan will be issued within two months. In the event the senate does not complete the action on time, the development plan is passed on to the University Council.

3. Through the approval of the Registrar, a draft of the organization plan will be decided upon within two months. In the event the senate does not complete the action on time, the organization plan is passed on the University Council.

4. Major changes of the University Council and voting of University Council membership (BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

5. Approval of offer for the position of the Rector must be submitted to the University Council within two weeks. If the offer is rejected by the senate before the two weeks, the University Council can promptly submit a new offer. If the senate does not complete an action on this new offer on time, the authority is then passed over to the University President. If the senate does not make a decision on the offer within two weeks, the offer is still executed. (BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

5a. In the event of a three way proposal from the University Council for the vote of Rector consideration of the proposals fall on the finding commitee, who has within four weeks to submit their proposals.  (BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

6. The statement regarding the proposal of a vice rectors falls upon the rector (number, term lenght, nomination).

7. Participation in the dismissal of a member of the University Council, Rector, or Vice Rectors.

8. Participation in habilitation procedure.

9. Participation in professional procedure

10. Remittal and change of the curricula for regular studies and courses subject to § 22 Abs. 1 Z 12 and § 54 Abs. 10; (BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

11. Determination of academic grades and notations for alumni of the university courses.

12. Decisions in second instances of study matters.

13. Determination of categories for the dedication of tuition fees through the students.

14. Appointment of a cooperative body with and without decision authority (sections 7 and 8).

15. Remittal of the guidelines for the function of the cooperative body.

16. Approval of the implementation of the cooperative body taking on decision authority.

17. Statement from the Registrat on the assignment of people to their respecitve organizational units in the Registrar.

18. Establishment of a work group for anti-discrimination questions.

19. Nomination of male and female members for the arbitration committee. (BGBl. I Nr. 81/2009)

Special study guidelines tasks:

§ 52:
Remit closer provisions around the beginning and end of the semester as well as course breaks.
§ 63 section 4: Observe so that conditions for studying by further approval of foreign state citizens and refugees (stateless people) are indefensible. Determine the number of possible approvals from foreign citizens and refugees that can be admitted per semester.
§ 75 section 2: Determine the report cards.