The University of Life Sciences allocates € 75.000 from their yearly budget for the payment of guest professors. Applications can be submitted to the Senate's office. The approval of all guest professors is puruant to the preparatory work of a specific group depending on working sessions of the Senate by means of decision.

Formal Prerequisites in order to receive payment

Professional Qualifications: minimum requirement is Assoc. Prof. in Habilitation or some equal qualification. If the potential guest professor does not have a qualification in Habilitation, an equivalent qualification has to be shown in their application, based on the description detailed in the BOKU Habilitation Guidelines, and must be confirmed on the form Habilitation Equivalence.

Supplement to the Habilitation Guidelines

Length of Stay: minimum of 5 work days per semester hour for a sustained course, 7 days can be asked for and is the maximum amount to be compensated. With 2 semester hours of teaching requires a minimum retention time of 12 days, 14 days is thus the maximum that will be compensated.


Applications for Guest Professors are accepted until the end of April for a position at the university during the following academic year and until the end of November for summer semester. Please submit the applications to the Senate's Office. Requirements:

  • Reason for the application
  • short biography of applicant with special attention describing the applicant's scientific career and professionsl achievements
  • bibliography of word
  • reference from department head
  • If the potential guest professor does not have a qualification in Habilitation, please confirm the Habilitation Equivalence

Application form

Application deadlines: End of the application period for potential guest professors for Winter Semester is April 30th; for Summer Semester: November 30th. Please send all applications to: Büro des Senats der Universität für Bodenkultur Wien Gregor Mendel-Straße 33 1180 Wien Tel.: +43-1-47654-10220 helga.kahofer(at)

Useful links for guest professors:

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