E-waste - a global challenge and opportunity

We develop scientific methods and approaches as well as implementation plans for the management of collection and treatment systems of e-waste in a global and local context. This includes all relevant aspects of setting up, operation, optimisation and monitoring of such with a focus on technical and environmental issues but complemented with relevant socio-economic aspects.

The application of our research output delivers to a wide set of stakeholders, reaching from practitioners, (inter)governmental organisations and NGOs to businesses. Our network streches from Europe and China to Africa and Latin America.

We deliver research on key questions such as:

  • What is the organisation and contribution of the formal and informal sector in e-waste management?
  • How to set up and optimise e-waste systems in D&E context?
  • What are sources and sinks of e-waste flows and how to map and monitor them?


  • Developing monitoring tools to track and manage WEEE streams
  • Knowledge transfer and training tailored for a wide range of stakeholders from goverment representatives to practitioners

Tools and resources:

  • In house laboratory for analytical chemistry, e.g. to determine metal content in bottom ash
  • Propriety material composition database on composition of  WEEE and their components
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software with external and in-house developed databases