IMMA: Integrative Modelling and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

Leader: Stefan Schmutz 
Deputy: Florian Borgwardt

Key research areas 

  • Development of biological assessment methods for riverine ecosystems
  • Assessment of anthropogenic stressors and impacts on riverine ecosystems
  • River restoration
  • Multi-scale modelling
  • Integrative management

Integrative modelling and management of aquatic ecosystems covers a broad range of research topics. By using biological indicators such as fish, impacts on riverine ecosystems are examined employing experimental and field studies as well as multi-scale modelling approaches. This way, ecosystem-inherent processes are simulated, verified and validated. The information gained enables comprehensive understanding of stressor-response relationships. This knowledge enables the elaboration of effective restoration measures to improve the ecological status as well as predictions of future developments of multi-impacted ecosystems. Strong collaboration with stakeholders ensures that research outputs feed into integrative river management

Key Persons