Wood Supply Guidelines for Forest Based Industry (THEKLA)

The project THEKLA develops and evaluates innovative supply chain management measures in order to ensure competitiveness of Austrian forest based industries and disseminates according guidelines (“Guidelines for Enhancing Supply Security, Efficiency and Sustainability of the Wood Supply Chain“). Various scenarios will be analysed by means of simulation and evaluated with stakeholders in a participative process.





Funded by

Fachverband der Papierindustrie und Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG)


Project partners

Lead: Hans Grieshofer (Austropapier)

Science: Peter Rauch, Christoph Kogler (both University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna); Marc Reimann, Sophie Schimpfhuber (both University Graz)

Economy: Hermine Hackl (FHP), Dietmar Hagauer (paper mills), Rainer Handl (saw mills), Markus Fritz (forestry), Peter Seebacher (logistics)


Further information, publications and presentations




Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Honorarprofessor Dr.nat.techn. Peter Rauch

Ing. Christoph Kogler B.Sc. MSc.