Transformative Recovery? The European Recovery Program (ERP)/Marshall Plan in European Tourism

Welche Rolle spielte das Europäische Wiederherstellungsprogramm (ERP) / Marshall-Plan für die Entwicklung des europäischen Tourismus nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg? Diese und viele andere Fragen zu diesem wieder erstaunlich aktuellen Thema sind im Buch "Transformative Recovery?", nachzulesen. Herausgegeben von Robert Groß, Martin Knoll, Katharina Scharf.

Transformative Recovery?
The European Recovery Program (ERP)/Marshall Plan in European Tourism

Robert Groß, Martin Knoll, Katharina Scharf (eds.)
ISBN 978-3-99106-000-0
brosch., 170 p, engl.
2020, innsbruck university press • iup
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What was the role of the European Recovery Program (ERP)/Marshall Plan for the development of European tourism after the Second World War? The fragmentary excerpts from the national results of tourism history and the Marshall Plan have clearly shown the potential of a synthesized historiographical view. Looking beyond national borders and thinking about the connection between the Marshall Plan and tourism from a European perspective can provide extensive and exciting insights. It is not only a matter of recognizing the similarities and differences between the various European countries with their diverse backgrounds, but also of general considerations of characteristic features and interdependencies of tourism, economy, politics, society, and culture. Particularly, transfers at different levels – cultural habits, ideas, goods, technologies, money etc. – reveal the complex networks of seemingly separate spheres and nations around the world. Thereby one aspect becomes particularly obvious: A tourism history of the Marshall Plan is undoubtedly a research desideratum, an opportunity to provide insights and transnational syntheses for both the history of tourism and the history of Europe after the Second World War.