The coordination of the BOKU Sustainability Strategy is the responsibility of the Center for Global Change and Sustainability:

  • Helga Kromp-Kolb (gWN)
  • Thomas Lindenthal (gWN)
  • Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN)

If you have any questions, please contact lisa.bohunovsky(at)




The coordination work is accompanied by a reflection group. It reflects on the sustainability process at the BOKU, brings in ideas on how the process can be kept lively and powerful, and gives feedback and impetus to the core group and the rectorate. This group includes:

  • Marianne Penker (Institute for Sustainable Economic Development)
  • Gudrun Obersteiner (Institute for Waste Management)
  • Gustav Puhr (ÖH)
  • Reinhard Steurer (Institute for Forest, Environmental and Resource Policy)
  • Christian Vogl (Institute for Organic Agriculture)
  • Franz Fehr (Office of the Rectorate)