In a broad, participatory process (140 participants) with great support from the Rectorate, sustainability goals and measures were developed for the following areas of the university:

  1. research
  2. teaching
  3. operations (environmental management, social responsibility)
  4. interaction with society
  5. identity (strategy, organizational culture, etc.)

In April and May 2014, a decision-making group and the rectorate defined the measures to be implemented in the period 2013-2015 and the following years (2016-18). These measures are defined in the project and implementation plan for the sustainability strategy.

Decided measures and contact persons

Ongoing measures

  • Energy analyzes: VR Reithmayer, Prof. Tobias Pröll (energy technology), Dr. Lindenthal (gWN)
  • Green meeting: Bärbel Kovarik (FM), Julia Buchebner (gWN)
  • Conversion of the BOKU shop to sustainable products: Claudia Kulhanek (Alumni Association)

Basic/accompanying measures

  • Questioning the sustainability plan: Franz Fehr (Rectorate), gWN
  • Developing/deepening the understanding of sustainability/sustainable development: Lisa Bohunovsky and Thomas Lindenthal (gWN)
  • Information and awareness campaign: Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN)
  • Reflection on the sustainability process: Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN; coordination) + reflection group

Measures with potentially quick success/easy implementation (2014/15)

  • Promote cross-linking between the departments; Start with the topic “sustainable energy”: gWN
  • Welcome program with input on sustainability and welcome folder: Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN)
  • Strengthening inter-university cooperation/Alliance of Sustainable Universities: gWN (Lisa Bohunovsky, Thomas Lindenthal)
  • Lecturers and didactics for sustainability: VR Prof. Hinterstoisser
  • Sustainability Day: Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN)
  • Crowd Lynx ideas platform: Julia Buchebner (gWN)

Measures with higher input for implementation (2014/15)

  • Encourage shared use of devices: VR Glößl, VR Reithmayer
  • Lobbying for cycle paths: Mobility Group (tbc)
  • Central procurement of IT, mobile phones / contracts: Lisa Bohunovsky (gWN)
  • Reward system for energy savings: VR Reithmayer
  • E-shop platform: VR Reithmayer

Start in the next service agreement period (2016-18)

  • Responsibility and leadership: VR Haberhauer and Dr. Handsteiner (personnel development)
  • Active awareness-raising and reflection: Health circle: Eva Valerian (works council)
  • Interface research - public relations: Michaela Klement (public relations)
  • Mental stress: VR Haberhauer

Measures for the highest-ranked goals

In addition, measures are carried out with the following high-ranking goals:

  • Sustainability in teaching: VR Hinterstoisser and gWN (Richard Kromp)
  • Promote sustainable forms of mobility: Mobility group (lead: tbc)
  • Improving the nutritional situation with regard to sustainability: Nutrition health circle (Eva Valerian)