The Centre for Bioeconomy supports the activities of the BOKU-Energycluster, a cross-departmental forum on energy, as well as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) activities for the holistic, quantitative assessment of the environmental impacts of products and services.


The BOKU - Energycluster Platform is organisationally assigned to the Centre for Bioeconomy, further information, FactSheets and events can be found here:

BOKU-LCA Platform

Die BOKU-LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Platform is an internal BOKU forum for the holistic, quantitative assessment of the environmental impacts of products and services and documents the common, cross-institutional, collaborative approach in the field of life cycle assessment. However, it not only produces BOKU-specific data sets, but also offers a wide range of services for all BOKU members and acts as a contact point on this topic to the outside world. This applies equally to the areas of research and teaching as well as to the provision of services. The BOKU-LCA platform thus plays an important role as a motor and impulse generator both internally and externally and also organises various events or workshops on the topic of LCA (e.g. LCA workshop).

The agendas of the BOKU-LCA platform are managed by a steering group, which is composed of one representative from each of five different departments (Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Forest and Soil Sciences, Water-Athmosphere-Environment, Economics and Social Sciences) and meets regularly for exchange, where also the latest research results are presented.

The Centre for Bioeconomy supports these cross-departmental projects through coordination and communication within BOKU, but also towards relevant stakeholders in society externally.