EFSA European Food Safety Authority

In the framework of article 36 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, please be informed that the Call for Proposals "Occurrence of tropane alkaloids in food" has been launched and published on the EFSA website: http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/art36grants/article36/gpefsabiocontam201401.htm

Deadline for submitting proposals: 150914

Please note that the rules pertaining the ownership and use of project results have been changed in the template of the grant agreement, to allow wider use and dissemination of the project results:

1. The ownership of the project results is by default with the beneficiary, as was the case already. However, the default 3 years derogation granting EFSA   exclusivity for use of the project results has been cancelled. 

2. EFSA may stipulate in specific conditions of the grant agreement a derogation to obtain between 6 to 12 months (derogated period) of exclusive right to    use the project results. So far this derogated period was set for 3 years by default. 

3. It is made more explicit that in the derogated period the beneficiary may request EFSA for an ex-ante approval of use of the project results.