New grant initiative to boost capacity building in EU food safety risk assessment

Partnering grants aim to transfer or exchange knowledge and expertise between two or more organisations in Member States, Norway and Iceland. By stimulating joint initiatives between these countries, this new grant type will support EFSA’s efforts to build the EU’s scientific assessment capacity and knowledge community.<article role="article">

Partnering grants cover all areas of risk assessment that fall within EFSA’s remit. Any organisation included on the list under Article 36 of EFSA’s Founding Regulation is eligible to apply for this new grant type.

The maximum duration for projects under the scheme is two years. EFSA will co-finance half of the project costs up to a maximum of €100,000. The overall ceiling for each call is €600,000.

Call for proposals – run on a pilot basis this year – is open until 150817

Please see here for more information on partnering grants and on the application procedure. We also recommend contacting your national Focal Point if you have any questions concerning the Article 36 list or EFSA grant procedures.


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