Non-chemical weed management (arable crops); plant protection (olive trees)

This is relevant for science experts in:

1.   Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems

2.   Pests and diseases of the olive tree

European Commission (DG RTD and DG AGRI) continues actions under the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) ‘Agricultural productivity and sustainability’. This is an umbrella activity bringing Horizon 2020, Common Agricultural Policy and other policies and programmes (European and national) together.

The EC is calling for experts in new focus groups to facilitate innovative actions in the field of:

FC 32: 'Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems'

-     Main question: What are the options for non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems?

-     First meeting: 21-221118

FC 33: Protecting fruit production from frost damage

-     Main question: How to increase the sustainability of olive growing, taking into account the risks brought by pests and diseases?

-     First Meeting: 28-291118

Each focus group will have up to 20 experts chosen by the EC DG AGRI according to their competences and to covering a reasonable balance of expertise and interest (e.g. scientists, farmers, advisors, representatives from industries, environmental NGOs, consumer groups, etc.). Focus groups are expected to last for 12-18 months and the frequency of meetings is estimated to be twice a year.

The groups will explore practical innovative solutions to problems or opportunities in the field, and draw on experience made with related useful projects and aim at the sharing and exchange among actors involved into those projects (researchers, farmers, advisers etc.). The groups will also discuss and document research results and implications for further research activities that will help to solve practical problems in the sector. These may be related to production, processing, consumption, transport or other issues. The tangible output should be focused on practical knowledge and where to get that knowledge as well as ideas for operational group projects.

See the Call for expression of interest for experts participating in Focus Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on ‘Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’ and EIP-AGRI Focus Groups expert application form.

Deadline for applications to the EC: 100918

We very much encourage our experts in these areas to complete the online ‘expression of interest’ to be considered for such an expert group as these will have long-term impact on science policy towards research, agriculture, competitiveness issues.

Please make a strong submission to be considered and inform us so we can support your application. Please highlight any multi-actor experience you have – collaboration with farmers (or their organisations), foresters, extension services etc., across disciplines.

The motivation of the applicant should be explained properly, a long list of publications should not be entered, although the 3-4 most relevant publications may be useful. Applications are scored on Expertise, Motivation, and Extent of Professional Capacity (e.g. Education and Experience). The selection is designed to ensure a good balance of different types of actors and geographical distribution.

Information on the EIP-AGRI please consult the EPSO Briefing: